The LEGO Ninjago Movie Cast

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Are you a fan of action-packed animated films? If so, you’ve probably heard of “The LEGO Ninjago Movie.” This exciting film combines the beloved LEGO toy franchise with the thrilling world of ninjas. One of the key elements that make this movie so enjoyable is its talented cast. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the remarkable actors who lend their voices to the characters in “The LEGO Ninjago Movie.”

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

1. Introduction

“The LEGO Ninjago Movie” is an animated action-comedy film released in 2017. It is based on the LEGO Ninjago toy line and TV series. The movie follows the story of a group of young ninjas who must defend their city, Ninjago, from the evil Lord Garmadon. With an engaging storyline and fantastic animation, the film quickly became a hit among LEGO enthusiasts and moviegoers alike.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

2. The Voice Cast

The cast of “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” comprises a talented group of actors who bring the characters to life with their exceptional voice performances. Let’s explore the individuals behind the main characters:

2.1 Jackie Chan as Master Wu

The legendary martial artist and actor, Jackie Chan, lends his voice to the wise and knowledgeable Master Wu. Known for his incredible stunts and charismatic personality, Chan brings his unique charm to the character, making Master Wu a memorable mentor figure.

2.2 Dave Franco as Lloyd Garmadon

Dave Franco provides the voice for the protagonist, Lloyd Garmadon. As the Green Ninja and son of the villainous Lord Garmadon, Lloyd faces a challenging journey of self-discovery and heroism. Franco’s youthful and energetic voice perfectly captures the spirit of the young ninja.

2.3 Justin Theroux as Lord Garmadon

The menacing antagonist, Lord Garmadon, is voiced by Justin Theroux. Theroux’s deep and captivating voice brings out the wickedness and complexity of the character, creating a formidable villain for the ninjas to overcome.

2.4 Olivia Munn as Koko

Koko, Lloyd’s caring mother, is voiced by Olivia Munn. Munn’s warm and nurturing tone embodies the character’s love and support for her son, adding depth to the emotional aspects of the story.

2.5 Michael Peña as Kai

Michael Peña lends his voice to Kai, the red ninja and one of Lloyd’s friends. Peña’s dynamic voice captures Kai’s fiery personality, adding humor and enthusiasm to the role.

2.6 Kumail Nanjiani as Jay

Kumail Nanjiani brings his comedic talents to the character of Jay, the blue ninja. Nanjiani’s witty and lively voice infuses Jay with humor and charm, making him a fan-favorite among audiences.

2.7 Abbi Jacobson as Nya

The talented Abbi Jacobson provides the voice for Nya, the water ninja and sister of Kai. Jacobson’s versatile voice showcases Nya’s determination and strength, making her a vital member of the team.

2.8 Zach Woods as Zane

Zach Woods voices Zane, the white ninja known for his robotic nature. Woods’ calm and precise delivery captures Zane’s analytical and logical personality, highlighting the character’s unique traits.

2.9 Fred Armisen as Cole

The voice of Cole, the black ninja, is portrayed by Fred Armisen. Armisen’s distinct voice adds depth to Cole’s character, balancing his strength and lightheartedness with precision.

2.10 Retta as General Olivia

General Olivia, a high-ranking official in Ninjago, is voiced by Retta. Retta’s authoritative and commanding voice gives General Olivia a strong presence in the film.

2.11 Charlyne Yi as Mei

Charlyne Yi provides the voice for Mei, a member of the Secret Ninja Force. Yi’s unique voice brings out Mei’s quirky and lovable personality, contributing to the film’s comedic moments.

3. Behind the Voices

Behind every voice performance in “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” is a team of talented voice directors and producers who work tirelessly to bring the characters to life. They guide the actors and ensure that each line is delivered with the right emotion and intensity. The synergy between the voice cast and the creative team plays a significant role in crafting a captivating cinematic experience for the audience.

4. Conclusion

“The LEGO Ninjago Movie” features an exceptional voice cast that elevates the film to new heights. From Jackie Chan’s wise Master Wu to Dave Franco’s determined Lloyd Garmadon, each actor brings their unique talents to the table, creating a memorable and entertaining experience for viewers of all ages. You can refer our Lego category blogs for other lego related stuffs.

5. FAQs

FAQ 1: Is “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” part of the LEGO cinematic universe?

No, “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” is a standalone film within the LEGO franchise.

FAQ 2: Are there any references to the original Ninjago TV series in the movie?

Yes, “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” pays homage to the TV series through its characters and story elements.

FAQ 3: Can adults enjoy “The LEGO Ninjago Movie,” or is it only for kids?

While the movie appeals to younger audiences, it also contains humor and references that adults can appreciate.

FAQ 4: Are there any sequels or spin-offs planned for “The LEGO Ninjago Movie”?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding sequels or spin-offs for “The LEGO Ninjago Movie.”

FAQ 5: Where can I watch “The LEGO Ninjago Movie”?

You can find “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” on various digital platforms, such as streaming services or online rental platforms.

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